Men’s Wednesday Pennant Teams.

Important information for all players:-

  • If you think you are going to be late, please let someone on your team know;
  • Please arrive at the game venue by 11:30am (you can be earlier);
  • You may practice between time of arrival on any rink [this is at the Green-keepers discretion as the green maybe “Closed”] until the “bell rings” (or however this is done).  The ringing of the bell signifies that practice is to cease;
  • Score cards are done at 12:00 midday by the Team Manager;
  • The game “2 end roll-up” is after cards are distributed to teams, usually about 12:15pm;
  • Game starts at about 12:30pm

Please access the link shown below for all teams

Pennant Teams for Wed – 10th March R8 Catch up Game