Wednesday Men’s Teams 11th March 2020

The Game “2 End Roll-up” is at 12:15pm. You may roll-up on any allocated rink (Green Keepers discretion) until the cards are drawn at 12:00 midday.  Play begins at 12:30pm unless decided \ agreed by Team Managers.

Umpire : M Baum
Measurer : D Wise

PREMIER LEAGUE – Manager: R Schultz

Venue:  Away Vs Modbury  (Leave Club at 10:15am)


M Martschinke, R Schultz


R Hill, P Barrett, M Godfrey
I Farrows, B Downing, S Packer


T Steed, C Barker, B Hughes, A Dudley
J Jovanovich, G Cathro, I James, R Steer

DIVISION 3 RED – Manager: M Baldock

Venue:  Home Vs Brighton (‘A’ Green)

A Hughes, J Hoskin, G Black, K Chapman
K Bushell, L Cathro, B Noll, C Ellis
A Pansini, N Hamling, G Boyer, C Barber
B Froiland,  P Earl, M Baldock, J Hutton

DIVISION 3 WHITE – Manager: P Gibson

Venue:  Home Vs Ascot Park  (‘A’ Green – DUTY DIVISION)

A Varnas,  D Barrie, R Ball, S Ciszkowski
C Tarrant, C Paddon, G Baum, D Burton
R Nelson, B Reeves, E Matthews, P Gibson
M Taylor, S Trickey, R Perry, K Rivett

DIVISION 4 RED – Manager: B Beaton

Venue:  Home Vs Christies Beach  (‘B’ Green)

T Fry, B Graham, A March, B Beaton
J Wheatland, B Barreau, S Mahoney, R Mitchard
B Gates, B White, P Jaehne, W Allchin

DIVISION 4 WHITE – Manager: T Hough

Venue: Away Vs Port Noarlunga  (Leave Club at 11:00am)

H Pearce, J Carr, I Milne, R Fraser
S Lockwood, J Kimber, L Albertson,  I Winton
G Betts, M Allinson, P Grubb, T Hough