Club News

The following gallery of photos is from the 2023 Presentation Night.

Please note that we have Winter Indoor Bowls running at the moment at the club rooms.

Thursday Morning at 9:30 for a 10:00am start. The cost is $2 to play.

Contact Jill Bryant for details.

After 3 days of bowling, Bob Schultz and Bill Hughes came 2nd in the State Over 60’s Men’s Pairs. Grand Final Winners were Ashley Halls and Peter Fowler from Lockleys BC. The score: 13:9. Well done!

Congratulations to our Saturday Division 5 Side for winning the 2022-2023 Grand Final


Hi everybody
Here are some of the items discussed at our Board meeting this week.


Following comments expressed at the Information Afternoon, we had a lengthy discussion about our volunteers and the way they are rewarded.  We will shortly be setting out guidelines for our volunteers so that they feel appreciated and that the rewards which we offer are fairly distributed.

Toilet Upgrade

Tenders will shortly go out for this project.  If you know a builder/plumber who would be interested in quoting for this job,  the tenders will be listed on Tenders SA. 

There will inevitably be some disruption to our Club activities during construction (which is expected to take  2 – 3 months starting in July) but we hope to keep this to a minimum.  There will be portable toilets located in the carpark for our use and we will temporarily lose some car parking space,  but I am sure we will manage.  More details as they become available.

New air conditioning units

Just a reminder that the whole Club will be closed from Monday to Friday  in the first week of May ( No Wednesday bowls or Fitness) while the new air conditioning units are installed.

Presentation Night at The Vines

Tickets can now be purchased from Liz Dempster or the Bar.  Please note that if you wish to order the Fish dish on the menu, you must preorder it.

New Law Books

Please contact me by the weekend if you wish to purchase a new law book.

Metropolitan Bowls AGM

Following the sentiments expressed last Sunday, the Board has voted to submit motions to the MBA AGM on the following topics

  1. Points are shared equally by Clubs when play is disrupted or disbanded at some or all venues because of weather.
  2. Thursday Ladies Pennants should be played without a break
  3. Wednesday Bowls should commence at 10.00am

40th Birthday Afternoon Tea.

Because our toilets may not be completed by Sept 17 our original date, we have chosen Sunday October 15th as our new date.  We are currently compiling a list of former players, so any contact details for these would be helpful. We are developing a list of former players which we will put on the back wall.  If you can add any names or contact details, this would help us.

Important Dates

Tuesday     9th May   7.00pm   Annual General Meeting

Saturday    13th May 6.00pm  Presentation Dinner at the Vines

Sunday      6th August        Screening of Blackball (if possible)

Sunday      1st October      Triple Treat

Sunday      15th October    40th Birthday Afternoon Tea

Tuesday     7th November  Melbourne Cup Luncheon

Friday         9th December  Christmas Quiz Night

Kind Regards

Mary Baum