Taylors Cup

“Our  Club is has  entered  a  team in  the  Bronze  South section of   Taylor Cup  competition.

Taylors  Cup  is  a  competition  between  clubs  that  is  played over  approximately a 8-9  game season on Sunday nights (6.00pm start) and spread November  to  March.  It is  sponsored  by  Taylor  Bowls.

Each team is open gender, and consists of 10 players (1 single, 1 pair, 1 triple & 1 four). The  number of  ends  to  be played in  each  of  the  four  disciplines  is  designed  so  that  all  games  should  finish  at  roughly  the  same  time. If  we  win  2  games and  the opposition  wins  2,  a playoff in  singles is used to  determine  the  overall  winner of  the  night.

A  PDF of  the  programme is  attached.  Happy Valley  is  hosting  the  games on  Sunday  22nd  January. Barbecue  meals  will be  available  for purchase on  that  night from 5.00pm  to  approx.  6.30pm.

Spectators  and  supporters are  always at games.”


Graeme  Baum

0421 043 240

Bronze South 2022- Mk2