Club Championships

In 2022 – 2023 we are hosting the following Club Championship competitions.

Championship Manager Manager’s contact no. 
A Grade Mens’ Singles Bruce Noll 0419 003 811 
Ladies Singles Mary Baum 0434 025 020 
Mens’ Pairs Allan Hughes 0420 421 380 
Ladies’ Pairs Sandy Barnes 0435 184 994 
Veterans’ Singles Liz Dempster 0431 235 111 
Novice Singles Allan Hughes 0420 421 380 
Ladies’ Dot Finn Liz Dempster 0431 235 111 
Mens’ Ray Steer Chris Barber 0410 567 265 
Mixed Pairs Chris Barber 0410 567 265 
Open Triples Bert Eerden 0413 659 171 
Open Fours Leigh Albertson 0478 272 592 
B Grade Mens’ Singles Graeme Baum 0421 043 240 
Ladies’ Plate Mary Baum 0434 025 020 
Handicap Singles Mark Taylor 0417 883 693 

A summary of confirmed dates of some of our Club Championships.

Please note that club uniform must be worn by all finalists and markers.

Please read carefully as some dates and times have been changed because or the hot weather.

Sunday 29th January.
Ladies’ singles, Men’s A Grade singles, and Veteran’s Singles Semi Finals
Roll up at 9:45am. Games commence at 10:00am.

Susan Jackson vs Jenny DavisHeather McDonald
Mary Baum vs Susan NelsonLiz Dempster
Ken Rivett vs Peter BarrettTerry Steed
Troy Chelo vs Bruce NollBert Eerden
John Carr vs Sandy BarnesAllan Hughes
Graeme Baum vs Laurie CathroJacky Macauley

The grand finals for these championships will be played on Sunday 12th February

Sunday 5th February.
Ladies’ pairs and Men’s Pairs Semi Finals

Roll up at 9:45am. Games commence at 10:00am.

Jenny Davis and Rosemary Gage vs Jan Smart and Helene Shand
Avis Steer and Robyn Mazey vs Mary Baum and Sue Jackson
Bob Schultz and Laurie Cathro vs Rob Ball and Colin Barker
Allan Hughes and Bill Hughes vs Terry Meekins and David Fries

The Grand Finals of these championships will be played on Sunday 26th February.

Mixed Pairs will be played on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm with a roll up at 6:15p:m.

Semi final28/02/23
Grand final14/03/23

Open Triples will be played on Friday nights at 6:00pm. Roll up at 5:45pm.

However the triples on the 27th of January will be played at 7:00pm with a roll up at 6:45pm due to the predicted hot weather.

Because the Saturday Div 2 side will now be playing at Gawler on 20/01/23 the dates for the Triples have been changed.

Semi Final3/03/23
Grand Final10/3/23

Open Fours.

Because of change to the Triples first game from 20/1/23 to 27/1/23 the first game of the open fours will now be held on Tuesday 7th February with roll up at 5:45pm and game commencing at 6:00pm. This match is between:

Bob Schultz/Heather McDonald/Liz White/Jenny Davis and Doreen Michalski/Rob Michalski/Terry Steed/Bruce Noll.

The remaining Open Fours matches will be played on Friday nights at 6:00pm.

Semi Final10/2/23
Grand Final24/2/23

The Dott Finn and Ray Steer Championship Semi Final will be played on Sunday 5/3/23 at 10:00am. Roll up at 9:45am.

These matches are as follows.

Liz Dempster vs Jenny DavisMary Baum
Jackie Macauley vs Sandra BarnesMavis Church
Bill Hughes vs Allan HughesGraeme Baum
Bruce Noll vs Gareth GreeningLeigh Albertson

The grand final for both of these championships will be played on 19/3/23

Men’s B Grade Singles and Ladies’ Plate Semi Finals.
Sunday 19th February at 10:00am with a roll up at 9:45am.

Novice Singles 
Semi Final will be played on 26thFebruary at 10:00am along with the Grand Finals of Men’s and Ladies’ Pairs.

Members please find here the 2022-2023 Club Championships Conditions of Play


Conditions of play Club Championships – 2022-23

The following files are the results of the club championships so far in the 2022-2023 season. These will be updated and added to from time to time. Last edited on 8/1/23.

Ladies Dott Finn Championship 2022-23

Ladies Pairs Championship 2022-23

Ladies Singles Championship 2022-23

Mens A Grade Singles Championship 2022-23

Mens Pairs Championship 2022-23

Mens Ray Steer Championship

Veterans Singles Championship 2022-23

Novice Championships 2022-2023

Open Triples Championship 2022 -2023

Mixed Pairs Championship Draw 2022-23

Mens B Grade Draw 2022-2023


Ladies Plate Draw 2022-2023


Members please find here the 2022 -2023 Club Championship Interupted Games

Club Championship Interrupted Games 22-23


Men’s A Singles

Terry Steed Men's Singles Champion
Winner: Terry Steed.   Runner up: Bruce Noll.

Ladies’ Singles  

Sandy Barnes Ladies Singles Champion

Winner: Sandra Barnes.  Runner up: Mary Baum

Men’s Pairs  

Colin Barker and Rob Tyson Men's Pairs Champions

Winners: Rob Tyson & Colin Barker.   Runners up:  

Ladies’ Pairs

Rosemary Gage and Jenny Davis Ladies Pairs Champions
Winners: Jenny Davis & Rosemary Gage.  Runners up: Sandy Barnes and Mavis Church

Novice Championship

Susan Jackson Novice Champion
Winner: Susan Jackson.  Runner up: Ken Smith

Men’s B Championship

Clive Tarrant Men's B Grade Singles Champion
Winner: Clive Tarrant.  Runner up: Wayne Allchin


Bill Gates Handicap Singles Champion

Winner: Bill Gates.  Runner up: Chris Paddon

Veteran’s Championship

Allan Hughes Veteran's Champion

Winner: Allan Hughes.  Runner up: Graeme Baum

Open Triples

Colin Barker Rob Tyson Peter Barrett (absent) Club Triples Champions

Winners: Colin Barker, Rob Tyson and Peter Barrett – Absent.
Runners up: Brett Froiland, Allan Hughes and Ian Tuck

Open Fours Championship

Rob Tyson Ron Hill Dave Barrie John Jovanovich (absent) Club Fours Champions (002)

Winners: Ron Hill, David Barrie, Rob Tyson and John Jovanovich – Absent
Runners up: Chris Barber, Mark Taylor, Dave and Leilani Phillips.

Mixed Pairs Championship

Sandy Barnes and Colin Barker Mixed Pairs Champions

Winners: Sandy Barnes & Clive Tarrant .  Runners up: Mary & Graeme Baum.

The Ladies Plate 

Doreen Michalski Ladies Plate Champion (002)

Winner: Doreen Michalski. Runner up: .

The Dot Finn Trophy.

Robyn Cartwright Dot Finn Champion (002)

Winner: Robyn Cartwright.  Runner up: Sandy Barnes

Most Improved Player

Bert Eerden Most Improved Player

Bert Eerden

Club Person of The Year

Doreen and Rob Michalski Joint Club Persons of the Year

Rob & Doreen Michalski